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50 Days  

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It was first climbed in 1956 by a Japanese expedition. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word manias, meaning "intellect" or "soul". It is the same root word as that for Manasarover, the holy lake near Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Just as the British considered Everest their mountain, Manaslu has been always regarded as the "Japanese mountain" by the Japanese; because of the Japanese people's first conquered on its top.
Manaslu HW Tillman and Jimmy Roberts photographed Manaslu during a trek in 1950. But the first real survey of the peak was made by a Japanese expedition in 1952.
Manaslu 2000A Japanese team made the first serious attempt on the peak from the Budi Gandaki valley in 1953. When another team followed in 1954. The villagers of Samagaon told them the first team had been responsible for an avalanche that destroyed a monastery & refused to let the 1954 expedition to climb. The expedition set off to climb Ganesh Himalayan instead.
Despite a large donation for the rebuilding of the monastery, subsequent Japanese expeditions, including the one that made the first ascent in 1956, took place in an atmosphere of animosity and mistrust. The second successful Japanese expedition was in 1971. There was a South Korean attempt in 1971, and in April 1972 an avalanche that killed five climbers. And 10 Sherpas ended the second made the fourth ascent of mount Manaslu, as a member of a Tyrolean expedition that climbed from the Marshyangdi valley in 1972. So Manaslu is one of the very renowned lovely mountains in the world to which, many foreigner enthusiast to climb very curiously.
Entry/Exit Arughat 10 April 2012
07 April 2012 Day 01: arrive Kathmandu & transfer to hotel
08 April 2012 Day 02: Prepare Expedition
09 April 2012 Day 03: Expedition briefing in Ministry of Tourism
10 April 2012 Day 04: Drive Arughat via Dhading
11 April 2012 Day 05: Arughat - Sotikhola 6 hours
12 April 2012 Day 06: Sotikhola - Machhakhola 6/7 hours
13 April 2012 Day 07 Machhakhola - Jagat
14 April 2012 Day 08: Jagat - Ukawa
15 April 2012 Day 09: Ukawa - Ngyak 5/6 hours
16 April 2012 Day 10: Nyak - Namrung 5/6 hours
17 April 2012 Day 11: Namrung - Syalla village
18 April 2012 Day 12 Syalla - Sama village
19 April 2012 Day 13: Sama Village
20 April 2012 Day 14: Sama Village - Manaslu Base camp
21 April - 17 May 2012 Day 15- 41: Climbing Period for Manaslu 8163m.
18 May 2012 Day 42: Base camp - Sama village
19 May 2012 Day 43: Sama - Namrung
20 May 2012 Day 44: Namrung - Philim village
21 May 2012 Day 45: Filim -Machakhola
22 May 2012 Day 46: Machakhola - Soti
23 May 2012 Day 47: Soti - Arughat
24 May 2012 Day 48: Arughat drive to drive to Kathmandu
25 May 2012 Day 49: Kathmandu
26 May 2012 Day 50: final Departure

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Duration: 50 Days

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