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Published Date: 2019-08-05 12:16:36

Everest South Base Camp lies in Nepal at the altitude of 17,597 feet. And Everest North Base Camp lies in Tibet at the altitude of 16,900 feet. The Everest South Base Camp in Nepal is known as the mother of Base Camp and is visited by many tourists and trekkers every year. The Everest North Base Camp has some rules and security issues for the trekkers to visit. It requires the permit of the government and the tourists have to travel in the buses managed by the government. Mt. Everest being the highest peak of the world, of height 8,848 meters, you need to apply some safety measures and guides for the trek. You can experience the feeling of the views of the different mountains like Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse and Cho Oyu. The views of the Kala Patthar with the background view of Mt. Everest give the breathtaking satisfaction to the mountaineers and trekkers. Every year many tourists come to Nepal to enjoy the natural beauties of the mountains and Himalayas. As the Everest Base Camp is situated at the high altitude, it is stupidity to go the trek without the proper guidance. You need to follow some Everest Base Camp Trekking Guidance while going for the trek.
  1. How to get to the Everest Base Camp?
    • The travelers and the trekkers have been going to the Everest Base Camp in the many assorted circumstances. They experience all the natural beauties of the Everest Base Camp and its natural beauties. There are several ways to reach the Everest Base Camp. We have several days trek package and also one-day tour package for the Everest Base Camp. You need to take your all the required things and be physically and mentally prepared to go to the Everest Base Camp.
  2. What are the essential factors for trekking?
    • Trekking is also regarded as of the dangerous adventures. You need to be physically fit for the trekking. You need to increase your strength so that you can’t get tired too fast. You may train yourself by walking and running for the few days before going to the trek. Being mentally fit is another essential thing for the Everest Base Camp Trekking. You should develop the habit of drinking a lot of water that makes your body to fight against dehydration. You should bring all your stuff for the trekking. The original and strong gears are the main things for the trekking of the Everest Base Camp.
  3. When should I go to the trek?
    • Predominantly, the months of pre-autumn i.e. March and post Autumn i.e. December are regarded as the best months for the trekking of the Everest Base Camp. The temperature of January is extreme cold. The December reached below-zero temperature but still, the day temperature is warm which makes the environment beautiful.
  4. What is the fitness level required?
    • You don’t need to be the professional bodybuilder for the Everest Base Camp trek. Nothing can make you the best to climb the trek at the altitude of 5545m. All you need to do is practice walking and climbing and increase your strength. The average fitness people can achieve the success in the trek.
  5. What clothes should I take?
    • The temperature at the Everest Base Camp is very cold. You should take the proper wearing materials for the trekking. A fleece jacket that makes you feel warm, down jacket and the thermal underwear are the clothes required compulsory in the Everest Base Camp. You should two pairs of long pants, two shirts, and the warm jumper.
  6. Do I need a guide?
    • It is no need of a guide for the experienced person. But if you are the trekker going for the first time, you just need a guide. The Government of Nepal is making the rule to hire the guide compulsory due to the disappearance of some trekkers. The guide helps you to reach the destination safely and helps in the fulfillment of excitement. We give you proper provision for the guide in the Everest Base Camp.
  7. How does it feel to go to the Everest Base Camp?
    • Everest Base Camp is one of the most desired places for the trekkers. The natural scenery of the Everest view and the beautiful mountains and Himalayas attracts the tourists time and again. You can see the unique culture and tradition of the people living in the small village. The well-managed hospitality of the region makes the Everest Base Camp trek as one of the most unforgettable treks of the world.


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