Things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek

Published Date: 2019-02-22 11:55:12

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the wonderful treks among adventure seekers in Nepal. You might have a dream to hike the highest peak of the world. Every year, many tourists from different countries come to trek the Everest Base Camp. Some also reach the summit. The summit is so high that even the bird can’t fly above it. Some of the professional guides and the mountaineers trek the Everest Base Camp many times. But for the normal person, it is not so easy to trek the camp time and again. You need extra mentality and physical fitness to do so. Even though you have a dream to trek the Everest Base Camp at least once in your life, you need to focus on the major things to do in Everest Base Camp. You shouldn’t miss these things while you’re traveling to the Everest Base Camp Trek:
  • Views of the mountains: While you’re traveling from Kathmandu to Lukla in an airplane, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful scenes of the mountains. The views of the hills and the highest mountains will force you to take your camera and take the shoot. The small greenery villages will take your attraction.
  • Lukla Airport: Tenzing-Hillary Airport also known as Lukla Airport in the town of Lukla, in Khumbu, Solukhumbu district is one of the most dangerous airports in Nepal. When you walk through the southeast trail and then to the north and left turn, you will spot the amazing view of the Lukla airport. The airport is very small. You shouldn’t miss the shoot of this airport.
  • Move towards the Everest View Hotel: The Everest View hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the trekkers who go to the Everest Base Camp Trek.  The view of the Everest is easily visible from the dining area of the hotel.
  • Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee: You can simply order a cup of tea or coffee early in the morning. The amazing views of snow and mountains make you feel good. early in the morning. The amazing views of snow and mountains make you feel good. You can take out the camera and make the videos of the scenes.
  • Avalanches: The snow slide and the rapid flow of snow down the mountain forces you to capture the moments. You shouldn’t miss the beautiful avalanches in the mountains.
  • Monasteries: On the way to the Everest Base Camp, you should stay in the Tengboche. Tengboche is a small village in Khumjung in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It is located at 3,867 m. The place has beautiful monasteries; Buddhist monastery and Tengboche Monastery are the famous monasteries in this village. You will get the feeling of peace after praying in the monasteries. It is believed that rotating the prayer wheels along the way make your wishes come true.
  • Rolls of prayers flag: While you pass from the Tengboche, you can see different prayer flags. You can buy a small size flag and tie on the stones. This shows your care and respect towards the climbers.
  • Photo shoot at different stops: You will notice different signboards in the way. The views of the mountains will attract you toward their beauty. You should remember to take the photos of those signboards and the views of the memories.
  • Sherpa Museum, Sagarmatha national park and Café Danphe: You should manage your time to visit the Sherpa museum and Sagarmatha national park which is in the east of Namche bordered by Mount Thamserku. Take a photo of the statue of Babu Chiri Sherpa in the museum. After the travel of the wonderful spots, you shouldn’t miss the nightspot of Café Danphe in Namche with delicious steak sizzler.
  • Live like Sherpa: You can see the Sherpa villages in the way. Sherpas are famous in the world for their unique lifestyle. You can dress like Sherpas and enjoy the lifestyle staying with them.
  • Buy the Accomplishment Certificate: You need to buy the accomplishment certificate that contains your name, nationality, and the trek date that costs around Rs.350. The guards at the checkpoint of Namche will ask whether you would take the certificate with you or not.
  • Check your health and oxygen level: The higher you go, the lower is the level of oxygen. You need to check your oxygen at a certain interval of time. You can face certain headaches. You should take some medicines and drink enough water while hiking the Everest Base Camp.
  • Writes your names on the stones and Take pictures: The happiest moment is when you reach the end of the Everest Base Camp. You can write your name on the stones for the sign of your coming. You can take different pictures with the background view of mountains. This makes you remember the moment when you live your entire life.


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