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Published Date: 2019-02-22 11:18:28

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Everest base camp trek
is one of the most destined and desired treks in Nepal. After the summit of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary, everybody’s has remained the dream of adventure Everest base camp trekking. Being at the foot of Everest isn’t impossible, anybody with the moderate level of body fitness can make to the base of the Mt. Everest. There’s not a single factor that can successfully give you the information about the cost of Everest base camp trekking. Want to know what are the most important things that can affect your costs?
  • The duration of the trek: On an average, the Everest base camp trek spans between 12 to 16 days. If this is the High Passes trek you are doing, it goes up to 18-20 days. You shall find different packages of trekking in the Everest region, some just limited to the view of Mt. Everest such as the Everest view trek, some including the base camp with extra other adventures, which all affect your trek duration and the total expenditure of trekking.
  • Best Season (Time) for Trekking: March to May and September to November are considered the best months of the year for doing the trek in Nepal. October is the busiest month in the whole year attracting a huge density of crowd in the route. In this peak season, the cost of trekking can be high, as the teahouses shall charge you the more considerable sum which would have been few had you gone in other time. The time of trekking has a lot to do with the cost you shall end up paying throughout the trek.
  • Everest Equipments Gear List: Do some research while purchasing any gears from a local guide, or travel agent, online group travel, or in a country guide, or online agent. Lots of factors affect the cost of trekking gears you might be charged. Thus, from whom you buy the trekking gears has also a substantial contribution to your overall cost of a trek.
  • Your choice of trekking: People trek to the base camp either solo, or personally hiring a guide and/or porter, or via a local agent. Solo trekking can be quite cheap in comparison to others; however, it might ruin your trek due to lack of necessary information of the trek, villages, mountains, and so many other things you might have asked your guide about. Choosing a qualified guide is equally challenging and difficult, as you never know if s/he has been doing the trek successfully in the Everest region. Thus, the best idea is trekking via a local trekking agency. Do some research on finding a trekking agency that has packages in reasonable prices.
What includes in the Everest base camp trek cost?
  • Flight to/from Lukla: The cost of Kathmandu-Lukla flight ranges between US$180-190 for a one-way trip; however, for the exact cost, do check the website of the airlines or contact your trekking agent. The point is, the cost of a flight is one of the highest figure bearing expenditures in your trek.
  • Accommodation throughout the trek: The cost of accommodation depends upon when you trek, meaning, whether it is a high season or low season. However, if you are doing the trek via a trekking agency in Nepal, you shall not have to be worried about any these things, all shall be handled by the agency. However, do be ready to accept the fact that the teahouses at low altitude areas offer you quite a handful of amenities and varieties of foods, which become limited the higher you go.
  • Food and water: The cost of Dal Bhat varies as you go higher and higher. A bottle of water might cost you as high as NPR 200 in the high altitude areas. Similarly, the best way to judge how expensive the teahouse is to know about the cost of Dal Bhat and a bottle of water. The most interesting part of having Dal Bhat is that no matter how many times you ask for the additional item from the Dal Bhat Dish, you shall not be charged any extra.
  • Everest trek Permits: You are required to have a Sagarmatha National Park Permit, and TIMS Card. However, there has been news about Solukhubu Fees that you might be charged against, but, the provision hasn’t officially been announced. Your permits shall also be managed by the trekking agency.
  • Everest Trekking Guide Cost:  Everest trekking Guide cost is affected by the season you are doing the trek to Everest region and the quality of the guides. The low-end guides shall charge you between US$20-30 per day, and a high-end guide might charge you above US$50. The guide or the guide-porter shall always ensure your safety and provide you full information about everything in the Everest region. However, if you are doing the trek via a trekking agency, it shall manage the guide, and you shall only come in contact with the guide once you reach Lukla.
  • Porter: A porter might charge you between US$15-20 per day. Keep in mind that a porter shall not guide you in this trek.
  • Travel insurance: It is very important to get the best travel insurance that covers traveling and trekking in over 5,000-meter altitudes. Also, know that a medical helicopter might charge you USD$5,000 if you get severe injury or sickness.
Mountain Hiking & Trekking Pvt. Ltd.is a leading trekking agency in Nepal that has been taking trekkers from across the world to several trekking destinations in the most reasonable Everest base camp trekking cost. We are a group of dynamic, dedicated, motivated, and experienced professionals with experience of years in the Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal. For any trek in Nepal, or any query about our service, feel free to contact us; we shall be more than happy to avail you true information and most satisfactory trek of your lifetime.


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