Everest base camp temperature

Published Date: 2017-12-17 17:18:24

Late November to late February (Winter Season)
The late November to late February brings cold temperature, high strong winds, and occasional heavy snow falls. The Everest base camp temperature ranges between 0 to 4° Fahrenheit in day, which worsens during the night. Keep in mind that the wind during these months can reach more than 12mph with strong force around the summit of the mountain. The temperature during these months at the summit drops below -148 degrees. Despite this, this season can be great time to get some of the best views of mountains and landscapes; in addition, these months do not attract much trekkers, which is the perfect condition for all the trekkers who hate crowd.
March to May (Spring Season)
During these months, the temperature reaches up to 2° degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind speed also drops down to 5-6 mph. This is the pre-monsoon season which is why you must expect few occasional rainfall. This is one of the most popular season for trekking in Nepal, which is why you shall find lots of trekkers doing this trekking. The low altitude areas shall be full with beautiful flowers and the sky shall be bright and clear. The average monthly temperature of Everest base camp during this season ranges between 17°C to 25°C in sunny days. The morning temperature can be as low as -15°C in minimum in the areas over 4000m.

June to September (Monsoon Season)
The Everest base camp weather isn’t good through June to September, the high altitude areas above 4000m are sometimes dry and sometimes experiences unexpected frequent rainfall, while the low altitude areas are highly prone to heavy rainfall. On the flipside, trekking during this season offers you with staggering views of waterfall and less busy trail. Trekkers not liking busy trail also choose this season for the trek. Though trekking in this season is possible, however, you have to be mentally, physically, and technically be prepared for any unexpected rainfall. You should bring rain jacket, and also a thick layered jacket. However, the climate starts to get cold during the early September.

October to November (Autumn Season)
The temperatures of the Everest base camp range somewhere around 14 degree Fahrenheit with wind between 5 to 7 mph. This is also one of the most ideal times for climbing the Everest, thus, you shall find plenty of climbers in pursuit of summit. Though you might not get to see some of the best views of colorful flowers, you shall certainly enjoy the incredible glimpses of staggering mountain views. This is a moderate level of trek, thus, you don’t need to be worried about how to make to the base of the world’s highest peak, the Everest. A moderately fit body capable enough to do long duration of walking in the rugged landscape for some days in a row is sufficient. However, do ensure that you do not have any problem with your major body parts, especially the ankles and feet, that high directly hamper your trekking.
Everest base camp temperature chart
Months Temperature Description
Day (°C) Night (°C)
January 7 -13 Wear thick cloths. You can also bring a sleeping bag. Temperature ranges from 7°C to -13°C in the whole day.
February 9.9 -12 This is also a cold season. Bring thick cloths and sleeping bag. The temperature ranges from 9.9°C to -12°C.
March 12 -9 You might not need to bring lot of thick clothes, however, do not forget sleeping bag. The temperature ranges from 12°C to -9°C.
April 15 -8 Since the route to base camp is prone to wind, do bring some thick cloths. The temperature ranges from 15°C to -8°C.
May 20 -5 Despite the sun, this month also brings strong wind. Bring thick cloths. The temperature ranges from 20°C to -5°C.
June 23 -1 The season brings unexpected rain and humid, bring thick clothes. The temperature ranges from 23°C to -1°C.
July 22 2 Like June, July is also prone to unexpected rainfall. Bring appropriate gears. The temperature ranges from 22°C to 2°C.
August 21 4 Do bring rain jacket and thick clothes. The temperature ranges from 21°C to 4°C.
September 20 2 This is one of the favorable seasons for trekking. Do bring sleeping bags, gloves, snow jackets, etc. The temperature ranges from 20°C to 2°C.
October 16 -5 This is one of the busiest seasons for trekking; the route can be quite busy. The temperature ranges from 16°C to -5°C.
November 12 -7 Bring winter clothes. Winter starts from the late November. The temperature ranges from 12°C to -7°C.
December 8 -10 This is one of the darkest winter seasons. Bring winter gears. The temperature ranges from 8°C to -10°C.
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