How to trek to Everest base camp? Mountain hiking

Published Date: 2019-03-27 07:29:38

How to trek to Everest base camp?
Mount Everest has arrested lots of trekking enthusiasts since the summit of Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, and George Mallory; it is one of the most destined and desired summit and trekking destinations in the world. Despite the challenges of summit, people have been attempting it risking their own lives. However, making to the base of the world's highest peak isn't so difficult, which is why, the number of trekking enthusiasts making to the Everest Base Camp is increasing.
How does it feel to trek to Everest Base Camp?
Trekking in the Everest region is a combination of spectacular natural beauty, and rich and colorful culture of Sherpas. You shall be passing several monasteries, Mani Walls, prayer flags, prayer wheels, and crossing several suspension bridges with butterflies knotted in your stomach. You shall be welcomed by the hospitality of Sherpas of the Solukhumbu region, and get to enjoy the delicious food, making this trek a lifetime adventure. This trek is a complete blend of adventure, colorful culture, spiritual touch, and staggering views of soaring mountains and beautiful landscape.

Best time to do this trek
March to May and September to November are considered the best time to trek to Everest. The low altitude areas are quite warm during March to May, but the high altitude areas are very pleasing to trek in. Similarly, the low altitude areas during September to November are fine to trek, and the high altitude areas aren’t extremely cold; however, the evening and morning can be quite cold. Though trekking during December is possible, you shall find trekkers trekking very rarely, and trekking can be miserable. Monsoon might not be the best month to do the trek either. October is the busiest month of all year.
Guide or without guide?
It is worthless to do the Everest Base Camp trek without a guide; What is the point of doing the trek if you don't know the name of the mountain peak you are looking at?, or the history of the village you are living in? In addition to this, trekking without a guide means you have to arrange the accommodation and food, and route on your own. If you have to manage these things, you might be slow to trek, which lengthens your trekking time and reduces your spare time for enjoying the trek. If you don't want to ruin your trek, desire plenty of time for exploring and enjoying the vistas, doing the trek is the best option. However, it might not be easy for you to manage the guide on your own, thus, doing the trek via a local trekking agency is best; the agency shall manage the best guide itself, and the guide shall manage the route, accommodation and food. In addition to that, the agency shall make arrangement for your transportation, porters, and their insurance.
How to get physically fit?
EBC trek doesn't require you to have any athletic body fitness; a moderately fit body capable enough to walk for few hours for few days in a row is sufficient. However, if you do want to get physically ready for this trek, hiking in the extreme hills and mountains is the best way. But you don't have to worry a lot, an average level of fitness is fine for this trek. It is good if you do some cardiovascular trainings few weeks before the trek, such as plenty of walking, cycling, hill climbing, swimming, etc. Walking for about 5 hours once in every week is also a best way to get in proper physical condition. Few previous trekking experience and exercises bring you into proper shape and body condition, and make you familiar with adapting in the high altitude that has risk of altitude sickness.

What gears to take?

Don't over-pack; keep your rucksack between 10 to 15 KG. It is better to consider about the weight threshold before you pack. As the weather can be cold anytime in above 3000m altitude, you are required to pack a fleece jacket, thermal and down jacket. Do not forget to pack 2-3 T-shirts made from synthetic fabrics, two pairs of long pants, light fleece and warm jumper. Have a pair of lightweight trekking boots, sandals for your stay at teahouses, and trekking socks. It is better to also pack gloves, raincoat, sunhat, woolen hat, sunglasses, an ideal sleeping bag, and a thermal liner if you are trekking during winter. Pack light toiletries, and first aid kits.
Health and hygiene tips
Since anybody can be prone to altitude sickness, it is better to walk slow and steady. Take plenty of rests throughout the trekking route, and don't try to trek fast. Give sufficient time for acclimatization, to let your body adapt with the growing altitude. Next thing is, be vegetarian. No matter how tempting it might look, don't eat the 'Buff Burger'. Throughout the trek, you can have Dal Bhat which comes with rice, lentil, and varieties of green vegetables, meats, Salda, and Papadh. It is also recommended to cover your body and prevent exposure with sun.


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